The achievement of this policy is ensured by a focus on the following overall objectives:

  • Provision of all necessary resources to enable personnel to effectively carry out their duties.
  • Regular review of operational methods and practices with a view to continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring that quality system procedures are followed.
  • Taking a preventative approach to problem solving.
  • Ensuring that each employee is conscious of and committed to Quality.

Specific quality objectives are regularly set and systematic action is taken towards their achievement.

This policy and these objectives are implemented through the establishment of a documented Quality System, which satisfies the ISO 9001: 2015.

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Quality Control & Control of Nonconforming Product

Carib Cement maintains documented procedures for the identification and control of all products that do not conform to specified requirements to prevent their inadvertent or unintended use or delivery. Control includes identification, segregation (when practical), rework/disposition, and notification of areas affected.

Responsibilities for review and disposition authority are clearly defined.

Nonconforming product is reviewed in accordance with our defined process:

  • Action is taken to eliminate the cause of the nonconformity;
  • Actions (disposition) include:
    • rework of the nonconforming product to meet customer requirements;
    • accepting the product “as is,” provided customer authorization is obtained where required;
    • reject, or dump the product when rework cannot achieve product standard quality.
    • regrade for alternative application other than its original intended use provided
    • the customer is appropriately informed or customer authorization is obtained where required.

Nonconforming product that is reworked is re-inspected to determine if it meets all specified requirements.

Material shipped under a customer-authorized deviation or waiver is properly identified and tracked per customer requirements. Unless otherwise specified, the accepted nonconformity, and the condition upon shipment are documented.

Records of the product non-conformances and the resulting actions are maintained. This includes concessions or waivers obtained from customers.

Should nonconforming product be detected after delivery to the customer, or use has started, the organization takes action appropriate to its effects, or potential effects of the non-conformity. A documented procedure is maintained to define and ensure that the product recall process is handled effectively and accurately recorded in order to comply with legal regulations and to maintain good relations with all stakeholders.

The implementation, extent and nature of the product recall procedure is dependent on the level and nature of nonconformity and the quantity of the nonconforming product delivered to the customers.